How to cover dark circles with makeup

Covering dark circles with makeup is a common step in the makeup routine to achieve a fresh and rested look. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you effectively cover dark circles:

Step 1: Skin Preparation

Before applying makeup, make sure your skin is clean and hydrated. Apply your moisturizer and, if desired, use a primer to soften the skin’s texture and help makeup adhere better.

Step 2: Peach or Salmon Color Concealer

Step 2: Peach or Salmon Color Concealer

Select the Right Concealer:

Opt for a concealer in a peach or salmon tone. These shades help neutralize dark circles, especially if they have purple or blue tones.

Apply the Concealer:

Use a small brush or your fingers to apply the concealer to the dark areas around the eyes. With small touches, cover the dark circles and blend the product outwards.

Step 3: Makeup Base: cover dark circles with makeup

Choose a Makeup Base:

Select a makeup base that matches your skin tone. Make sure to blend the product well to achieve a uniform look.

Apply the Base:

Use a makeup brush or sponge to apply foundation evenly over your entire face, including the areas where you applied concealer.

Step 4: Highlighter: cover dark circles with makeup

Choose a Highlighter:

You can opt for a liquid or powder highlighter that is one shade lighter than your skin.

Apply the Highlighter:

Place the highlighter on high areas of the face, such as the brow bone, Cupid’s bow, and the center of the bridge of the nose. This helps draw attention away from dark circles.

Step 5: Translucent Powder (Optional)

Set with Powder:

If you want longer duration, you can set the makeup with a light touch of translucent powder. Make sure you don’t apply too much to prevent it from building up in fine lines.

Step 6: Using Cream Concealer (Optional): cover dark circles with makeup

Cream Concealer for Details:

If necessary, you can use a full coverage cream concealer to cover specific areas. This is useful if there are additional imperfections that you want to hide.

Step 7: Mascara and Eye Shadows (Optional)

Highlight the Eyes:

Use mascara and eye shadow to highlight and open your eyes, distracting from dark circles.

Additional Tips:

Less is more:

Apply products in thin layers to prevent makeup from looking heavy or caked on.

Continuous Hydration:

Keep your skin well hydrated to prevent dryness, which can highlight dark circles.

Test and Adjust:

Experiment with different products and techniques to find the combination that works best for you.

Covering dark circles with makeup is a personalized process, and the key is to practice and adjust the technique according to your needs and preferences.

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