The makeup of the 90s was characterized by being a natural and simple style, with some trends that stood out in that decade. Here I present some of the most representative elements of 90s makeup:

The 3 most representative elements of 90s makeup

1. Brown Lips:

Brown lips were very popular in the 90s. Shades like terracotta, coffee, and chocolate were used in both matte and gloss lipsticks.

2. Shimmery Shadows:

Shimmery, metallic shadows were a big trend in the 90s. They used shades like gold, bronze, and silver, and were applied to the lower lid and browbone.

3. Black Eyeliner:

Black eyeliner was a staple of ’90s makeup. It was applied to the upper and lower lash lines, blending for a softer effect.

Kit basic makeup

4. Thin brows:

Thin brows were very popular in the 1990s. They were plucked into a defined, arched shape and filled in with a pencil or shadow to match.

5. Pink blush:

Pink blush was very common in 90’s makeup. It was applied to the cheeks for a healthy and youthful look.

6. Gloss:

Gloss was a must-have product in the 90s. It was applied over lipstick or on its own to achieve shiny, juicy lips.

In general, the makeup of the 90s was very simple and natural, with a special attention to the eyes and lips. A fresh and youthful appearance was sought, without exaggerating the facial features too much.

Foundation or concealer: to unify skin tone and cover imperfections.

1. Compact powder: to seal the base and prevent shine on the skin.

2. Blush: to give color and definition to the cheeks.

3.○Eyeshadows: At least two shades of eyeshadows (light and dark) to create different looks.

4. Eyeliner: to define the eye contour.

5. Mascara: to lengthen and give volume to the eyelashes.

6. Lipstick – At least two different shades of lipstick to create different looks.

7. Brushes and applicators: to apply products precisely and evenly.

It is important to choose good quality products that suit the skin tone and type of the person who is going to use them. It is also important to consider the proper use of the products and the hygiene of the application tools.

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