Complete Guide to Hand Nail Care: Tips for Healthy and Aesthetic Nails

With cared for nails they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also indicators of good health. Follow this complete guide to keep your fingernails strong and healthy

1. Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Regular Wash:

Wash your hands regularly with mild soap and water. Dry them completely afterwards.

Proper cut:

Use nail scissors or nail clippers to keep nails at a comfortable length. Avoid cutting them too short to prevent problems such as paronychia.

2. Hydration: Nail Care


Use moisturizer regularly to keep your nails and cuticles soft.

Cuticle Oil:

Apply cuticle oil to keep them hydrated and prevent dryness.

3. Balanced Diet:

Vitamins and minerals:

Maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals essential for nail health.

Internal hydration:

Drink enough water to keep your nails and cuticles well hydrated.

4. Protection: Nail Care

Protection gloves:

Wear gloves when performing tasks that may expose your nails to chemicals or water for long periods.

Avoid nails as tools:

Do not use your nails to open containers or other tasks that could damage them.

5. Avoid Biting Them:

Nail Biting Habit:

Eliminate the habit of biting your nails, as this can damage the cuticle and increase the risk of infections.

6. File Carefully:

File in one direction:

When filing your nails, do so in one direction to avoid weakening your nails.

Soft Files:

Use soft nail files to shape and polish nails.

7. Nail Polish: Nail Care

Breaks between Glazes:

Give your nails rest periods between polish applications to allow them to breathe.

Use a Protective Base:

Before applying polish, use a protective base to prevent the pigment from staining your nails.

8. Consult with a Professional:

Professional Manicures:

Schedule professional manicures from time to time for more specialized care.

9. Monitor Changes in Nail Health: Nail Care

Changes in Color or Texture:

Pay attention to any changes in the color, texture or shape of your nails, as they may be indicative of health problems.

10. Enamel Breaks:

Let the Nails “Breathe”:

From time to time, leave your nails without polish to allow them to breathe and strengthen naturally.

Additional Tip:

Night Hydration:

Before bed, apply an intensive moisturizer or cuticle oil to nourish your nails overnight.

Maintain a regular routine with these tips, and your fingernails will look healthy and beautiful. Remember that consistency in care is essential to keep nails in optimal condition.

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