Discovering the Charm of Korean Makeup: An In-Depth Look

Korean makeup has gained popularity globally for its fresh, natural approach focused on enhancing individual beauty. With a philosophy that highlights radiant skin and youthful appearance, this makeup has captivated beauty lovers around the world. Let’s explore the distinctive elements and trends that make Korean makeup unique.

1. Luminous and Natural Skin: “Chok Chok”

The skin is the star of this makeup. The “chok chok” trend refers to the dewy, luminous skin that is characteristic of Korean makeup. Instead of covering your skin with thick layers of foundation, you’re aiming for a natural, healthy look. The emphasis is on keeping the skin hydrated and using light foundations that enhance the natural radiance.

2. Bitten Lips: “Gradient Lips”: Korean Makeup

Bitten lips, known as “gradient lips”, are an iconicthis makeup trend. Instead of applying the lipstick evenly, the center of the lips is emphasized, creating a gradient effect. This gives the illusion of soft and juicy lips, accentuating the youth and freshness of the face.

3. Natural and Straight Eyebrows: “Straight Brows”

Unlike the Western trend of arched eyebrows, Korean makeup advocates straight, natural eyebrows. The shape of the eyebrows is kept soft and straight, contributing to a youthful and friendly appearance.

4. Soft and Shiny Shadows: “Aegyo Sal”: Korean Makeup

“Aegyo sal” is a term that refers to bags under the eyes, and Korean makeup highlights them rather than hiding them. Soft, shimmery shadows are used in this area to highlight and create the look of big, expressive eyes. This approach adds a touch of tenderness to the makeup.

5. Light Mascaras: “Doll Lashes”

Mascaras in this makeup tend to focus on creating soft, slightly curved eyelashes, known as “doll lashes.” The goal is to enhance the natural shape of the lashes without adding too much volume or length, contributing to a more innocent appearance.

6. Skin Care as a Priority: “Skincare First”

Before applying makeup, this makeup places a strong emphasis on skin care. Well-cared for skin is the basis for successful makeup. Skin care routines made with deep cleansing, hydrating toners, and targeted treatments are common among those who follow the Korean approach.

Korean makeup is not just about following trends, but about celebrating individual beauty and highlighting natural features. With an emphasis on radiant skin, juicy lips and soft brows, this makeup has left a unique mark on the beauty industry. Beyond the products, it is a philosophy that values ​​skin care and pursuing a fresh, youthful appearance that has resonated with people around the world.

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