Difference between 1980s and 1990s makeup

The 1980s and 1990s marked distinct eras in the history of makeup, reflecting changes in fashion, culture, and aesthetic trends. Below, we’ll explore the key differences between 1980s and 1990s makeup:

Makeup from the 1980s: 980s and 1990s makeup

Makeup from the 1980s: 980s and 1990s makeup

1. Color and Exaggeration:

The 1980s were known for their love of color and exaggeration. Vibrant eyeshadows, such as electric blue, fuchsia pink, and emerald green, were popular. Women weren’t afraid to wear multiple shades in a single look, often applying shadows all the way to their eyebrows.

2. Pronounced Outline:

The thick, pronounced eyeliner was a distinctive feature. It was used on both the upper and lower part of the eye, and was often accompanied with dark and striking shadows.

3. Pronounced eyebrows:

The eyebrows were thick, dense and well defined. They were often worn with a high arch and filled in with brow pencils in dark shades.

4. Intense Blush:

Blush played a prominent role, with intense applications on the apples of the cheeks. Pink and peach tones were popular, and the goal was to achieve a healthy, radiant look.

5. Voluminous Lips:

Lips were also a prominent part of the makeup. The colors were bold and vibrant, and the lip outline was often darker than the main color.

6. Glitter and Glamor:

Brightness and luminosity were essential elements. From shimmery shadows to glossy lips, 1980s makeup was infused with a touch of lush glamour.

Makeup from the 1990s: 980s and 1990s makeup

1. Natural Tones:

As the 1990s progressed, the trend toward more natural tones gained ground. Eyeshadows in earth tones, such as browns and beige, were popular. Simplicity replaced the exuberance of the previous decade.

2. More Subtle Outlining:

Eyeliner became more subtle in the 1990s. Thinner, less dramatic lines were preferred. Pencil eyeliner was often chosen instead of liquid eyeliners.

3. Thinner Eyebrows:

Eyebrows began to thin out compared to the thick eyebrows of the 1980s. Although some definition was still maintained, the trend was toward thinner, more natural eyebrows.

4. More Neutral Lips:

Lips became more neutral, with more muted brown and pink tones. Matte lipsticks were also becoming popular instead of glossy finishes.

5. Subtle Contour:

Although contouring was already present, it became more subtle in the 1990s. The techniques focused on highlighting the cheekbones in a natural way.

6. Less Shine, More Matte:

The trend towards a matte finish was becoming evident. From eyeshadows to lipsticks, the lush shine of the ’80s was replaced by a more matte finish.

In short, while the 1980s celebrated excess and flashy expression, the 1990s took a more minimalist and natural approach. Both decades left their mark on the evolution of makeup, demonstrating the versatility and ability to adapt aesthetic trends over time.

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