Back to the 90s: Grunge and Alternative Makeup Tutorial

Grunge and Alternative Makeup Tutorial

The 90s were a time of rebellion and authenticity in fashion and makeup. The grunge style, with its carefree attitude and alternative aesthetic, became a symbol of the counterculture of the decade. If you want to revive that grunge spirit in your makeup, follow this step-by-step tutorial to achieve an alternative look with a nineties touch.

Step 1: Worn Skin

Start with a matte base for a worn, natural look. Use a light coverage foundation or BB cream to keep your skin fresh and real.

Step 2: Dark Shadows

Opt for eyeshadows in dark shades such as brown, dark green or gray. Apply the shadow to the mobile eyelid and blend slightly upwards to achieve a smoky effect.

Step 3: Uneven Outlining

Creates an uneven and blurred liner. Don’t worry about it being perfect; The idea is to achieve a casual effect. You can use a black or brown eye pencil for this step.

Step 4: Thick Mascara

Generously apply mascara for a full, messy lash look. This disheveled touch will add authenticity to the grunge look.

Step 5: Brushed Eyebrows

Keep your eyebrows natural and slightly tousled. You can fill them in subtly with a pencil or shadow, but avoid perfection.

Step 6: Dark Lips

Choose a dark lipstick in shades like burgundy, brown or purple. Apply the lipstick directly or use your fingers for a more worn finish.

Step 7: Grunge Blush

Apply a touch of blush in earth or terracotta tones. Don’t worry about following traditional lines; The goal is to achieve a carefree look.

Step 8: Alternative Details

Add small alternative details, such as small marks or scars with an eye pencil. These subtle details will contribute to the authentic grunge look.

Step 9: Tousled Hair

Complete your grunge look with a tousled hairstyle. Wave your hair or create texture with styling products for an effortless finish.

Step 10: Challenging Attitude

Remember that true grunge comes with attitude. Feel free to express yourself and embrace the authenticity that defines this alternative style.

There you have it! With this tutorial, you can recreate iconic ’90s grunge makeup and bring that alternative attitude to your daily routine. Awaken your rebellious spirit and immerse yourself in the world of grunge!

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