Acrylic nails: how to place them correctly

Applying acrylic nails can be a detailed process, but with patience and practice, you can achieve professional results. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply acrylic nails correctly:

Necessary materials:

Acrylic nail kit (including acrylic powder, monomer liquid and brushes)

Acrylic nail tips

nail file

Cuticle pusher


Glue for acrylic nails

Nail clipper

cuticle oil

Enamel and polish (optional)

Steps to Place Acrylic Nails:

Steps to Place Acrylic Nails:

1. Preparation:

Wash your hands and disinfect your nails.

Gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher.

Cut and shape natural nails according to your preference.

File the surface of your nails to create a suitable texture.

2. Choice of Tips:

Select acrylic nail tips of the appropriate size for each nail. The tips should be slightly wider than your natural nails.

3. Application of Tips:

Apply a small amount of glue to the back of the tip and gently press it onto your natural nail, making sure it is centered.

Press firmly to ensure adhesion.

4. Cut and Shape:

Use nail clippers to shape the tips to the desired length.

File to give the desired shape, whether square, oval, almond-shaped, etc.

5. Application of Acrylic Monomer and Powder:

Fill a small container with monomer liquid.

Dip the brush into the liquid and then into the acrylic powder.

Apply the mixture to the nail, modeling it according to the desired shape.

Work quickly before the mixture dries.

6. Filing and Polishing:

Once your acrylic nails are dry, use a file to shape and smooth the edges.

Buff your nails with a buffer for an even surface.

7. Cleansing and Hydration:

Clean residual dust on nails.

Apply cuticle oil to moisturize cuticles and surrounding skin.

8. Glazed (Optional):

If you want to polish your acrylic nails, wait until they are completely dry and apply the polish of your choice.

Additional Tips:

Work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling product vapors.

Maintain consistency in your acrylic application to achieve a uniform look.

If you are a beginner, practice on one nail before applying to all of them.

Remember that applying acrylic nails requires skill and practice. If you’re new to this, consider seeking additional tutorials or help from a professional. Also, keep in mind that applying acrylic nails involves the use of chemicals, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take appropriate safety measures.

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