What was makeup like in the 90s?

During the 90s, makeup was characterized by being quite minimalist and natural compared to previous decades. Makeup shades tended to be neutral and matte rather than bright and bold. Here are some specific makeup trends that stood out during the ’90s:

Brown Lips: Brown lips were very popular in the ’90s. Dark brown lipstick shades were especially popular, often paired with brown lip liner for a more defined look.

Neutral Eyeshadows: Neutral eyeshadows, such as beige, brown, and gray, were the most popular in the ’90s. Matte eyeshadows were more common than shimmery or metallic eyeshadows.

Natural blush: Mimicking the natural blush on your cheeks, natural blush was the trend in the ’90s. Blush shades were softer and more understated than the bright, vibrant cheek shades worn in decades before.

Natural Lashes: Natural, not-too-dramatic lashes were the trend in the ’90s. Brown mascaras were more common than black, and eyelash curlers were a staple in any makeup kit.

In summary, the makeup of the 90s was characterized by a minimalist and natural approach, with neutral and soft makeup tones.

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