Minimalism and Glamour: The Contrast of Makeup in the 90s

The 90s were a decade of contrasts in the world of makeup. While minimalism highlighted natural beauty, bold glamor also took over the catwalks and streets. This unique contrast gave rise to a diversity of styles that marked an era in the history of beauty. In this article, we’ll explore how minimalism and glamor coexisted, creating a fascinating landscape of makeup trends.

Minimalism: Less is More

Minimalism: Less is More

Minimalism was a response to the opulence of previous decades. In the ’90s, the trend was to highlight natural beauty and take a more relaxed approach to makeup. Here are some key characteristics of minimalism in the 90s:

1. Light Base:

Light foundations and translucent powders were essential to achieve a fresh and natural look. Effortless, radiant skin was the goal.

2. Nude Lips:

Lipsticks in nude or gloss tones were popular to highlight simplicity. They were looking for a natural finish that would enhance the original texture of the lips.

3. Neutral Shadows:

Eyeshadows in neutral shades, such as beige and light brown, were preferred. The idea was to highlight the eyes in a subtle way and without exaggeration.

4. Natural Eyebrows:

Unlike previous decades, eyebrows were worn more naturally, with minimal definition and without exaggeration.

Bold Glamour: Brightness and Color

Bold Glamour: Brightness and Color

Although minimalism dominated the scene, bold glamor also had its place. Many celebrities and models opted for more striking looks for special events. These are some characteristic elements of glamor in the 90s:

1. Dark Lips:

Lips in dark shades, such as burgundy or deep brown, were emblematic of evening glamour. This style provided a mysterious and sophisticated touch.

2. Smokey Eyes:

The smoky effect on the eyes with dark shadows became a symbol of nocturnal elegance. Colors like black and gray dominated to achieve an intense look.

3. Dramatic Outlining:

Dramatic eyeliner, whether wing-shaped or dark kohl on the waterline, was essential to creating a striking look.

4. Shine on the Skin:

A touch of glitter on the cheekbones and cupid’s bow added a luxurious glow. Liquid highlighters and shimmer powders were popular.

The Coexistence of Styles

The Coexistence of Styles

What was fascinating about the ’90s was the harmonious coexistence of these seemingly opposite styles. People could adopt minimalism in their daily lives and then transform their appearance for special events with touches of glamour. The versatility in makeup allowed each individual to express their style uniquely.

Contemporary Inspiration

Today, the influence of the 90s is still present in makeup trends. Many artists and beauty lovers find inspiration in this decade to create looks that fuse the simplicity of minimalism with flashes of bold glamour.

In conclusion, the 90s witnessed a fascinating contrast between minimalism and glamor in makeup. This duality allowed people to explore different facets of their style, highlighting diversity and personal expression in beauty. What elements from the ’90s inspire you in your makeup routine today? Explore, experiment and celebrate the versatility of the art of makeup!

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